Well hello there…

beach with roo

Well hi everyone I’m Roo!…well not really, I’m roo’s mama (AKA the round one) but lets pretend for the purpose of the Blog! Anyway lets start again. I’m Roo, I’m 16 months old and I have PKU (Phenylketonuria). It means I’m on a very restrictive low protein diet and I have to take yucky supplements, but otherwise I’m happy and healthy. (Until it’s time for a nappy change! Ugh!)

Truth is though I’ve got attitude! I don’t like my supplements or food and I like to wait until the big man and the round one have finished giving them to me and then throw them all back up. Ha ha!  It’s a great game because I get to see them run around in circles shouting! I’m sure to give them my best smile afterwards, this seems to make them happy enough. What they don’t know is I rule the roost in this house!  Don’t get me wrong I think they are lovely really. It’s so cute watching them learn new things like how to roll a ball to me and how they say things like ‘monkey’ over and over again. They make me laugh so much when I clap my hands and they clap too! It’s like having two little puppets following me around!

The big man is the easiest to trick, he leaves all of his toys lying around for me to chew or throw! I love seeing him jump up when I press the buttons on the big picture box in the living room! My favourite thing is to press the buttons and then when he gets up I run as fast as I can to sit in his seat and chew the brick that he’s always pointing at it! Hilarious! I must say though I love snuggling into the little round one at the end of the day too, She sooo comfy and padded! She’s become a bit less padded recently though, I really must talk to her about that, I’ve been trying to feed her up with Wotsits but she’s not having any of it.

I’m currently being held prisoner in somewhere called Wales in the UK but my parents keep taking me to Liverpool. It’s a noisy place where all the people who sound like them live. It’s very weird but I get presents and a nap in the car so I let them take me.

Oops it’s time for me to go now, The round one is shouting that I’ve got to have food! Yey! (sarcasm…) More supplements and random food combinations that I have to force down! I don’t know why she bothers, I’d much rather eat wotsits all day! I’ll be back later to fill you in on my day, PKU, Playing and more! In the meantime check out this website for more info on PKU (just so you know what I’m mumbling about) http://www.nspku.org/

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